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Azimo has recently revamped its money transfer app and the key new feature of this version is voice activation. Now customers can simply transfer money by telling Siri to whom and how much money they wish to send.

Azimo has upgraded both its Android and iOS apps using design characteristics specific to the two platforms in order to make the UX as smooth as possible on both operating systems. Taking into account Google’s Material Design philosophy and the iOS 10 properties, the company has created bespoke experiences for both Android and iPhone users.

According to the  press release, the redesign process was aimed at optimizing the usability of the app and was enriched by continuous customer testing and feedback. “Our number one goal as a business is to provide the service our customers want and need – letting them transfer money globally while avoiding the hidden costs normally associated with that,”said Dan Martins, Head of Product at Azimo. “That means constant innovations to the service we provide and this new development is a major stage in that journey.”

Aside from voice activation, the new app features a redesigned navigation system and user journey, which should make the app’s use more fast and intuitive (e.g. fewer clicks and swipes). The app now also allows the creation of user profiles which lets people easily see and edit the payment information of their contacts.

The General Manager of the company, Marta Krupinska, commented: “As a society, our relationship with mobile has changed. It’s no longer an add-on to everyday life; it’s a fundamental part of it. At Azimo, our obsession is to continually innovate to improve our customers’ experience. With new features like integration with Siri and the Facebook Messenger chatbot launched recently, we want to make transferring money as easy and rewarding as possible for everyone across every device.”


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