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Among doubtful reactions to Theresa May’s post-Brexit proposals, Tudor Aw, head of the tech sector at KPMG UK, has shared his optimistic outlook on her Modern Industrial Strategy and on the future of British tech. According to him the fact that the government is looking to allocate more funds to innovation and research would allow the country to remain a global leader.

“In a post-Brexit era, it is crucial that the UK tech sector is front and centre of the Government’s new industrial policy,” commented Aw. “I am therefore delighted to see that key areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, Smart Energy and 5G have been identified as areas that will underpin the Government’s approach.”

Aw also expressed his approval concerning the government’s plans to give greater support to STEM and general scientific research. He said: “As has been long recognised, to be successful in tech, we desperately need to upskill our workforce in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and to see investment in these skills as well as in science, R&D and innovation is hugely promising.”

However, the tech expert said he hoped the government would do even more than what has been so far announced. Indeed, he believes more funding should be provided to “other future disruptive technologies such as Nano technology, autonomous vehicles and IoT”.


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