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Minh Q. Tran is a well-traveled and influential venture capitalist with twenty years of experience as a fintech entrepreneur. He is currently General Partner of AXA Strategic Ventures and Managing Partner of the incubator AXA Factory.

Tran started his career in Asia in 1993 as an analyst and climbed the ladder swiftly to become Head of Corporate Ventures at Bic Asia in 1997. He then moved to New-York to join Bertelsmann Ventures where he led initiatives in media investments. In 2004, he became Director of Corporate Ventures at Nokia in Finland.

His professional adventures eventually brought him back to France where he pursued his path as an investor in fintech and mobile services. For more than four years he worked for Truffle Capital whilst also sitting on numerous French start-up boards.

In 2013, Tran joined the insurance giant AXA and catalysed a wave of innovation within the company. With AXA Factory (formerly known as AXA Seed Factory), Tran was able to foster talent in insurtech through mentorship programmes. In parallel, his role at AXA Strategic Ventures allowed him to help these innovative start-ups to secure funds faster.

Tran believes that big insurers need to work with disruptors if they want to evolve. In this regard, he said: “If you look at all industries from telecom to music, disruption means better opportunities for customers and negative business impact for incumbents. Hence, it makes sense to look at disruption for insurance companies and collaboration from/with startups.”

He has described himself as “a hands-on investor”, heavily invested in the growth of the companies he supports. The key factors that help him identify new talents are their product and whether it fits the market, the cohesion of the team and their business model, and lastly whether he, as an investor, can bring them value over time by delivering on plan.

At a Glance
Nationality: Vietnamese
Lives in: Paris
Education: MBA, INSEAD
Current Roles: Managing Partner at AXA Factory, General Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures
Number of investments: 20+
Fintech Investments: FundShop, Widmee, Particeep
Twitter Followers: 22.3k
Fun fact: Minh Q Tran said that if he was a web icon he would be Android’s robot and if he was a social network he would be Flickr

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