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Although the platform Pozible is fairly unknown in Europe, it has been rapidly gaining terrain on the crowdfunding markets in Australia (where its creators live) and in the US.

Indeed, it has been achieving stellar results in the past five years. In 2016, it has been at the top of the charts for the total Australian campaigns launched (about 11,400), most successful campaigns (around 6,500) and dollar value raised (about $46 million). Moreover, Pozible has the highest success rate in the crowdfunding market, at 58 per cent, which is almost twice as much as its American rivals Indiegogo (33%) and Kickstarter (24%).  

Pozible CEO Alan Crabbe claimed that this success rate was reached thanks to the support they provide to the start-ups, in terms of project-planning and marketing strategy. Their transaction fees are also slightly lower than its competitors’ which might contribute to its popularity.

The platform is slowly expanding internationally, with more than 130 countries supported, and who knows – it might become a favourite for European start-ups too.

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